UberPUPPIES comes to Perth

There were squeals. There was excitement. There were actual real tears. There were PUPPIES!


The kitty who stole Perth’s heart

When Ticker arrived, SAFE Perth were astounded to discover a very special and very lovely surprise.



Did you see SAFE Perth in the news?

Did you see SAFE Perth in the news this week?


The enormous life of Biggie Smalls

Biggie Smalls is one of the smallest dogs to ever come into the care of SAFE Perth.

Unfortunately, when he arrived he was also terribly unwell. Read more...

Saving Lives - The Work of SAFE Perth

In regional areas of Western Australia, council pounds shoot with rifles dogs who aren’t collected from the pound. Read more...

Little Wyatt's second chance

Some puppies are just so special that they touch the heart of everyone they meet. Wyatt is that puppy. Read more.

SAFE Perth Heroes Drive 2016

Our pets give us so much. With your help we can give a little back

We need you to join us to ensure our work can continue. Read more...

Baby Tanzie new year update


We know you want to see how Baby Tanzie is doing now.

Click here to see her in her new video!

Superstar Sarge is a heavyweight love

Sarge was supposed to stay a tiny house-pig.


Baby Tanzie takes first steps to recovery

Baby Tanzie takes a flight from Broome to SAFE Perth, to get the care and love she desperately needs to have a chance at a happy future.


Puppy rescues hit record numbers

Cassie babies
It took two volunteers and full day’s driving, but for pregnant mumma dog Cassie, and her precious puppy load, life is now warm and safe.

And the same goes for more than 50 other pups rescued and taken in this month by SAFE Perth puppy foster carers. Read more...

The awesome transformation of Kyra

Kyra thumbnail

When Kyra arrived at SAFE Perth it was a heartbreaking sight. She’d been living with ticks and mange and had lost nearly all of her hair. Her skin was itchy and since she hadn’t received the veterinary care she needed so badly, she wasn’t feeling well at all.


SAFE Entertainment Books for sale

SAFE Perth are selling 2018/2019 Entertainment books. Order yours now. Save money while having fun to raise much needed funds for SAFE Perth

Please purchase your entertainment books via this link                                      

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SAFE Perth Events

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